"Pierre Potier" Award

WHEATOLEO – Award, category Start up creation : biotechnology and green chemistry  in the heart of the biorefinery to produce surfactants and co-products.


Wheatoleo uses the patents filed by ARD since 1996 on the use of agricultural by-products for the synthesis of surfactants, the synthesis processes, the application of surfactants or surfactant compositions in the diverse fields of surface-agent applications. ARD’s research efforts in the field, supported by the European Community, ADEME and the Champagne-Ardenne Regional Council, are ongoing. Two new patents were filed in 2011.

The originality of these surfactants is the use of wheat bran and fatty alcohols from plants. The synthesis process is carried out in respect to green chemistry: an energy saving process without the use of fossil fuels and without wastewater.

These surfactants have the particularity of causing very little irritation and are biodegradable.

Already present today on niche or developing markets, Wheatoleo now intends to enter large-volume markets, both nationally and internationally, notably in cosmetics, household detergents, industrial cleaning and plant protection.

Wheatoleo is already a supplier of several large cosmetic companies allowing it to position itself as a major player in the field of non-ionic surfactants.