WHEATOLEO: Active synergies for innovation

At the heart of the biorefinery of Pomacle Bazancourt, in Champagne-Ardenne, WHEATOLEO is actively involved in the central idea of creating value from the whole plant. With its innovative processes, WHEATOLEO exploits pentoses, which are sugars that are not used in food. Pentoses are extracted from the co-products of agro-industry (straw and bran) and forestry. Furthermore, with the production of a hydrotope from iso-amylic alcohol from fusel oils (co-products from the production of bioethanol through fermentation), which can replace petrochemical products, WHEATOLEO is a source of new synergies in the value chains of biorefinery companies.

Its affiliation with ARD allows it to be involved in numerous research programmes and develop partnerships with the biggest universities specialising in the physics and chemistry of interfaces and formulation. This research also allow it to better meet the needs of customers in a continuous, long-term innovation process.


WHEATOLEO and AGRICULTURE: The virtuous circle.

WHEATOLEO meets the aims of farming cooperatives to use the whole plant for diversified markets, by using local crops and extracting pentoses from co-products from primary processing (bran or straw) and converting them into surfactants at the Pomacle-Bazancourt biorefinery.

At the heart of one of the richest cereal regions in Europe, through partnership contracts, WHEATOLEO contributes to the improvement of farming practices by helping plant health product firms to develop effective, non-ecotoxic and biodegradable additive formulas, thereby reducing the quantities of plant health products used and their environmental impact.  

WHEATOLEO's surfactants contribute to the continuous improvement of agricultural best practice.