Our values


Wheatoleo combines ethics and responsibility to offer 100 % bio-based alternative solutions in order to meet the requirements of its international customers.


Creation of additionalvalue from crops and improving the image of farming activities.

The notions of using the whole plant and agro-industrial co-products give WHEATOLEO an ethical side. Our raw materials are 100 % renewable and do not compete with the food industry.


Reducing the environmental impact of formulated products.

We help our customers to use of surfactants and additives in a responsible and reasonable manner. By guaranteeing their performance and by controlling biodegradability and ecotoxicity, we are directly and favourably influencing the environmental impact of end users' total processes (cleaning, plant health treatment, industrial applications). With this approach, we also allow the users to make financial savings.

Controlling our production methods to reduce overall energy consumption.

Based in the region that produces the raw materials and close to the main European users, we take care to limit the carbon footprint caused by transport. For example, with Sophoclean and Appyclean 6505, the use of raw materials is completely controlled - 100 % of the carbon that makes up the surfactants is both bio-based and available in the region.

The consumption of water, fossil fuels, chemical and metallic catalysts, and mineral salts, are controlled in both biotechnological and green chemistry processes.