Industrial Specialization


 Effective, chemically stable and biodegradable, the Wheatoleo surfactants are particularly suitable for industrial use.

 The alkyl-polypentosides of the APPYCLEAN range are very stable in the extreme conditions required by industrial cleaning.

 * APPYCLEAN 6552 is a surfactant that is particularly effective in degreasing hard surfaces.

 * APPYCLEAN 6505 is a 100% plant-based alternative made of conventional hydrotropes, notably aryl sulphonates.

 * SOPHOCLEAN is a non-foaming bio-surfactant particularly well suitedfor mechanical cleaning, such asindustrial floor scrubbers, dishwashers, etc.

 Thanks to their safety and high level of aerobic and anaerobic biodegradability, the WHEATOLEO surfactants are perfect ingredients for industrial solution developers concerned with the quality of industrial wastewater.

 WHEATOLEO collaborates with clients who wish to develop anhydrous formulations or emulsifiable concentrates, in order to reduce the transport volumes, and therefore the carbon footprint of the finished products, or to limit or even eliminate the use of solvents (reducing the VOC rates, toxicity).

 WHEATOLEO’s presence in the industrial sector includes:

 - I & I Cleaning,

 - Paints,

 - Lubricants,

 - Industrial fluids,

 - Polymers,

 - Stripping...

 See our products range: APPYCLEAN, ESTYCARE, Sophorolipds, APPYSOAP, APPYSLS