Application laboratory


Wheatoleo has set up an application laboratory that develops solutions to meet the needs of its clients in the household detergent, I & I and agrochemical sectors.

The laboratory’s know-how enables it to accompany its clients in:

* Formulating finished products, both household and industrial, which in most cases respect eco-friendly standards,

* Determining the physicochemical or relevant performance parameters through the use of state-of-the-art tools (tensiometer, rheometer, granulometer, microscope, etc.) and other standardized methods (foaming and wetting strengths, cleaning tests etc.).

* Formulating plant protection products with the aim of reducing the danger in the manufacturing process, maintaining effectiveness and reducing the doses applied on fields.

* Guaranteeing that the solutions have a low environmental impact, particularly by measuring the biodegradationlevels based on the OECD 301F testing guidelines (ultimate biodegradation testing using a manometric respirometer) and aquatic toxicities.

The quality and the environmental impact of WHEATOLEO’s solutions are also evaluated by external partners, notably the ARD research center and the most prestigious French universities specialized in physical chemistry of interfaces and formulation.