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Industrial & Institutional cleaning products are used for cleaning of facilities and buildings used for industrial, commercial, or institutional purposes. They maintain the high level of hygiene and cleanliness required in these types of facilities, such as factories, offices, schools, hospitals, and other public buildings. The main focus is on removing dirt, grime, and other contaminants while ensuring a safe and healthy environment for workers, customers, and patients.

Wheatoleo designed a complete ranges of 100% biobased green surfactants for I&I market combining surface active performance. They offer a safe, sustainable and environment friendly alternative to conventional fossil-based surfactants. Wheatoleo surfactants are all ECOCERT detergents certified and suitable for natural detergents and I&I products.

Our ranges

industrial institutional ecological cleaning solution

No use of petrochemical solvents


No toxic catalyst


Low energy needs


Renewable raw materials


Wastes reduction and valorization

Wheatoleo surfactants are perfect candidates for use in green formulations such as Ecolabel products.
They are approved by Ecocert for natural detergents.

Appyclean Range

Designed plant-based surfactants with efficient foaming, degreasing and wetting propeties for I&I cleaning.


Based on green technology and co-products valorization, preservative-free, sulfate free, EO/PEG- free with excellent biodegradability, ideal for the trend towards biobased and safe detergents.

  • APPYCLEAN APPs show excellent wetting, degreasing and foaming properties.
  • APPYCLEAN APPs products are suitable for a wide range of pH.
  • Displays thickening properties with conventional surfactants enhancing viscosity of formulations.
  • Designed for all types of household and I&I cleaning where efficiency and safety are a must.
  • Improve or display complementary functionalities of current formulations.
  • Can be used as primary surfactants for greener formulations.
  • APPYCLEAN APP products show low CLP labelling and excellent safety profile.
  • Suitable for a wide range of efficient detergent formulations complying with Ecolabel requirements.

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industrial institutional natural surfactants
industrial institutional green technology surfactant
industrial institutional eco friendly green industry
homecare bio surfactant plant extracts
industrial institutional eco friendly solution

Appyclean waterless Range

Do you want to formulate concentrated products, to reduce your impact on global water consumption or just to formulate solid or pods products ?
In order to answer this rising demand, Wheatoleo has developed a specific waterless portfolio.

Pick the optimum Appyclean Waterless for your need.

Appysoap Range

Derived from 100% natural and widely available sustainable resources, APPYSOAP series are preservative-free Liquid Potassium soaps.

Pick the optimum Appysoap for your need.