Crop Protection

For a performant, sustainable and cost efficient improvement of crop yield

Crop protection products are substances or products used to protect crops from damage caused by pests, diseases, and other environmental factors. These products include insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other chemicals, as well as biological controls such as beneficial insects and microorganisms. The goal of crop protection products is to maximize crop yield and quality while minimizing harm to the environment and human health.

Wheatoleo designed a complete range of 100% biobased green surfactants used as adjuvants for crop protection market combining surface active performance and allowing a lower phyto-pharmaceutical active concentration. They offer a safe sustainable and environment friendly alternative to conventional fossil-based surfactants. Wheatoleo surfactants are suitable for natural and ECOCERT certified agricultural products, displaying very low ecotoxicity and high biodegradability.

Our ranges

crop protection green products

No use of petrochemical solvents


No toxic catalyst


Low energy needs


Renewable raw materials


Wastes reduction and valorization

Wheatoleo surfactants are efficient for tank-mix or ready-mix formulations thanks to their solubilizing and wetting properties.
Moreover, they improve spreading and penetration during field application.
They are biodegradable and appropriate for use in green formulations.

Appyclean Range

Plant-based surfactants with good wetting, spreading and solubilizing properties.


Based on green technology and co-products valorization, preservative-free, sulfate free, EO/PEG- free with excellent biodegradability.

  • APPYCLEAN APPs show excellent wetting, spreading and solubilizing properties.
  • APPYCLEAN APPs products are suitable for a wide range of pH.
  • Improve or display complementary functionalities of current formulations.
  • Can be used as stickers or pesticide booster for streamlined formulations.
  • APPYCLEAN APP products show low CLP labelling and excellent safety profile.
  • They comply with Ecocert requirements.

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crop protection green development
crop protection sustainable surfactant
crop protection environmental impact surfactant
crop protection ecological solution
crop protection green surfactant

Appyclean waterless Range

Do you want to formulate solids (water dispersible or wettable powders) or water-free liquids (emulsifiable concentrates or oil dispersions) agrochemical solutions? In this way, Wheatoleo has developed a specific waterless portfolio.

Pick the optimum Appyclean Waterless for your need.

Sophorolipids Range

Sophorolipids are a class of glycolipids produced by yeast and bacteria, most commonly Candida bombicola. They have potential applications in various fields, including as surfactants in personal care and cosmetic products, and as emulsifiers and stabilizers in food and pharmaceutical industries. They are also being studied for their biodegradability, low toxicity and potential as alternative to petroleum-based surfactants.

Estycare Range

Estycare are polymeric surfactants synthetized by using biobased monomers and according to the principles of green chemistry. Estycare can be used as humectants and stickers.

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