Non Foaming, 100% Upcycled, Non-Ionic Surfactant

APPYCLEAN series offer a 100% biobased range of non-ionic surfactants made in France in our facility located at the heart of the Pomacle-Bazancourt biorefinery platform.
They are obtained from renewable feedstocks through a mild process following the green chemistry principles.
Combining surface-active performance and gentleness, APPYCLEAN series offer a safe, sustainable and environment-friendly alternative to conventional fossil-based surfactants.
Ecocert and Cosmos certified, APPYCLEAN series are suitable to various applications in Cosmetics, Homecare, I&I and Agrochemicals.

APPYCLEAN 6505 is a hydrotropic palm-free 100% upcycled surfactant. It improves solubility of organic compounds in aqueous solutions. Appyclean 6505 helps solubilize essential oils and fragances and enhances formulation stability even with high electrolytes content, high temperatures and extreme pH. As a non foaming surfactant, it can also boost the overall performance of your formulation.


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Frequently asked questions

APPYCLEAN  6505 is made from pentose sugar and amyl alcohol. These both raw materials are obtained from valorisation of farming by-products and/or from waste stream of agro-industrial plants.

Hydrotropes are water-soluble and surface-active agents that agregate in solution. However, unlike traditional solubilizing surfactants, hydrotropes work at higher concentrations and produce agregates of different sizes.

An hydrotrope like APPYCLEAN 6505 solubilizes organic compounds in aqueous solutions. Increasing cloud point, it improves solubility of non-ionic surfactants in concentrated cleaning solutions with high electrolytes amount. As a result, it reduces surfactants’ tendency to coprecipitate with electrolytes and makes clear solutions.

When used, APPYCLEAN 6505 does not produce any foam and improves properties of other surfactants in the formulation.
To no extent, it can be considered as an anti-foaming agent.

Grade of this surfactant have been developed and are available to meet the specific requirements of your market and application for Household, I&I cleaning and Crop protection. We offer also cosmetic compatible quality grade.

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