High Solubilizing and Cleaning Non-Ionic Surfactant

APPYCLEAN series offer a 100% biobased range of non-ionic surfactants made in France in our facility located at the heart of the Pomacle-Bazancourt biorefinery platform.
They are obtained from renewable feedstocks through a mild process following the green chemistry principles.
Combining surface-active performance and gentleness, APPYCLEAN series offer a safe, sustainable and environment-friendly alternative to conventional fossil-based surfactants.
Ecocert and Cosmos certified, APPYCLEAN series are suitable to various applications in Cosmetics, Homecare, I&I and Agrochemicals.

APPYCLEAN 6781 is a highly effective solubilizing and cleaning multifunctional agent with high foaming and wetting power. It helps solubilize essential oils and fragances. It enhances formulation stability thanks to its hydrotropic properties. It also shows excellent compatibility with electrolytes and extreme pH.


Product Profile

CHEMICAL DESCRIPTIOND-pentose and D-glucose, oligomeric, C8-10-alkyl glycosides
FUNCTION Solubilizing - Cleaning - Foaming Surfactant
CERTIFICATIONEcocert COSMOS approved - Ecolabel compliant - RSPO-MB on demand - Natrue compliant - Nordic Swan compliant
APPLICATIONHousehold and I&I Cleaning : Surface cleaner, Heavy Duty detergent, Hand Dishwashing - Personal Care : Micellar lotion, Cleansing wipes
PACKAGINGBulk - IBCs - Drums



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Frequently asked questions

APPYCLEAN 6781 is one of the most versatile APPYCLEAN of our range with excellent biodegradability. It displays efficient solubilization and wetting abilities without underperforming in cleaning and foaming properties.
APPYCLEAN 6781S is a mild surfactant with excellent skin compatibility. It is especially designed for low labelling and foaming formulations with excellent biodegradability.

APPYCLEAN 6781F is an optimized blend of APPYCLEAN 6781 and a 100% natural cationic surfactant. The latter being a glycine betaine ester with antimicrobial activity, APPYCLEAN 6781F is a multifunctional surfactant combining foaming, cleaning and biocide boosting properties. More information can be found on the APPYCLEAN 6781F product page.

Various versions of this surfactant have been developed and are available to meet the specific requirements of your market and application. We offer also cosmetic compatible quality grade.

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