Mild, Dense Foaming Non-Ionic Surfactant

APPYCLEAN series offer a 100% biobased range of non-ionic surfactants made in France in our facility located at the heart of the Pomacle-Bazancourt biorefinery platform.
They are obtained from renewable feedstocks through a mild process following the green chemistry principles.
Combining surface-active performance and gentleness, APPYCLEAN series offer a safe, sustainable and environment-friendly alternative to conventional fossil-based surfactants.
Ecocert and Cosmos certified, APPYCLEAN series are suitable to various applications in Cosmetics, Homecare, I&I and Agrochemicals.

APPYCLEAN 6886 is one of the mildest cleaning surfactant on the market adapted to sensitive skin formulations such as baby care products. It produces dense, creamy and stable foam with soft feeling fitting to frequent skin exposure formulations such as hand and hair care products and multi-purpose cleaners. It is the perfect choice for sulfate-free formulations where thickening is a challenge.


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Frequently asked questions

APPYCLEAN 6886 displays viscosity improvements in presence of primary common surfactants allowing viscosity ajustment with electrolytes whilst boosting foam density.

Both APPYCLEAN are very mild for skin and eyes and are designed for low hazard or not labelled products. The choice will depend on their functionality and foaming behaviour. It will be interesting to combine them to make a complete shampoo/shower gel.
APPYCLEAN 6781S gives a nice balance of flash foam and denser foam.
APPYCLEAN 6886 has thickening properties and performs well in raising foam density and formulation viscosity.

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