Potassium Oleate, Liquid Soap

Through its APPYSOAP series, Wheatoleo offers a wide range of natural liquid soaps, from customized formulations to Marseille and Castile cold process saponification using local biobased feedstocks.
Ecocert and Cosmos certified, APPYSOAP series are made in France in our facility located at the heart of the Pomacle-Bazancourt biorefinery platform, and specifically designed for personal care and homecare products such as hand wash, shower gels, shampoos, and laundry detergents.

APPYSOAP 7068 is a natural palm-free soap. It is particularly recommended for gentle laundry detergents and for natural surface cleaners such as wooden and ceramics floors. It is especially adapted for sensitive skin hand wash products.


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Frequently asked questions

Our current portfolio is composed of a wide range of liquid potassium soaps. As such, we can offer concentrated soaps in active ingredients and up to 75% in dry matter.

The APPYSOAP portfolio is made up of potassium liquid soaps while Sodium based soaps are available on solid form most of the time.

We have a broad range of liquid potassium soaps readily available. In case you would have an interest in a custom-made blend, please contact us to discuss your requirements in details.

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