Ultra Mild, Foam Texturizing, Non-Ionic Moisturizer

ESTYCARE are 100% biobased multi-functional co-surfactants made in France in our facility located at the heart of the Pomacle-Bazancourt biorefinery platform.
They are obtained from renewable feedstocks through a mild process following the green chemistry principles.
Combining texturing properties and gentleness, ESTYCARE offer a safe, sustainable and environment-friendly alternative to conventional fossil-based co-surfactants and emollients.
Ecocert and Cosmos certified, ESTYCARE are suitable to various applications in Cosmetics, Baby care and Homecare.

ESTYCARE 9820S is a mild multifunctional amphiphilic co-surfactant derived from 100% natural and sustainable resources. Thanks to its high skin compatibility, it is the first choice for gentle and mild formulations, whilst providing a fine and rich foam texture. It helps building preservative-free products thanks to its inner antimicrobial activity.


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Frequently asked questions

ESTYCARE are co-surfactants that can be considered as biocide boosters displaying light antimicrobial complimentary action in synergy with other natural actives such as essential oils or lactic acid. Thus they can help formulation of products with lower amounts of biocides/preservatives or with enhanced performances.

ESTYCARE 9820S enhances foam texture and stability and has moisturizing power while ESTYCARE 9868 is palm-free and displays refatting and conditioning properties.

ESTYCARE 9820S is produced only from polycondensation of fermentative organic acids and natural polyols, therefore through a 100% petrochemical-free process.

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