Mild, Low Foaming, Cleaning & Solubilising, Non-Ionic Biosurfactant

SOPHOROLIPIDS are palm-free glycolipids biosurfactants produced by an in-house and proprietary fermentation process using local carbohydrates.
Combining surface-active performance, gentleness and high biodegradability, SOPHOROLIPIDS offer a safe, sustainable and environment-friendly alternative to palm and fossil-based surfactants.
Ecocert and Cosmos certified, SOPHOROLIPIDS are suitable to various applications in Cosmetics, Homecare and Agrochemicals.

SOPHOROLIPID ECOS is a palm-free biosurfactant, especially designed for low foaming, fast wetting, and degreasing household and surface cleaning formulations. Its shows a natural antimicrobial activity thanks to its high level of lactonic form. It also shows excellent skin compatibility and high biodegradability.


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Frequently asked questions

Our quality is composed mainly of lactonic form (above 60%).

pH variation can modulate the solubility of SOPHOROLIPIDS. Please refer to examples of formulation for guidance.

SOPHOROLIPIDS have been described as antibacterial molecules in open scientific literature and are usually used as light biological actives against a wide range of bacteria in cosmetics.

Wheatoleo has been involved in the SOPHOROLIPIDS fermentation process through its parent company ARD for over 20 years.

No animal testing have been performed toward Sophorolipids.

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